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MULTI_PEAK-MJ-MBMulti Peak Fitness is a home-based PT studio offering a small and more intimate training environment. You will increase your health and fitness, get your blood pumping and smash personal goals under the guidance of your personal trainer. Whether you prefer to workout on your own, with a friend/partner or in a small group, Multi Peak Fitness can accommodate your needs and provide you with that small, intimate and friendly atmosphere and attention you desire.

No lock-in contracts, no admin fees, no card fees – just modern up-to-date equipment and a friendly, skilled personal trainer to help accelerate your fitness results.

“Live your life with energy and confidence … EVERY day!”

Martin McKone
Owner | Fitness Professional

My Early Morning Workout Inner Demons

Despite the fact that I’ve been keeping myself fit and healthy for the last 36 years (the first 20 was just growing up!!), most of my family and friends don’t know what I’ve really been going through in order to stay fit and healthy! They…

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Staying Motivated To Maintain Your Fitness Regime

As a kid growing up I would fleet from one thing to another, so I can consider myself to have had a “normal” childhood (if there is such a thing!). As I was also one of 7 kids, I reckon I added to being a…

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Holding Yourself Accountable to Your Fitness Regime

I am definitely different! From an early age I discovered I could wake up without the need of an alarm. I would then get up and make my mum a cup of tea to wake her up and get her day started – after all…

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Target Heart Rate

Some people (especially athletes) can be very focused on what they are trying to achieve with their training regime and to that point heart rate is a primary factor they use to ensure they are staying on track with their training goals. When it comes…

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3 Reasons Your Fitness Regime Will Fail

Getting into the habit of having a regular fitness regime for life is a hard slog and many fail to keep their fitness regime going. But it’s only a hard slog because you make it so and here are my 3 reasons why I believe…

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Supplements – Do You Really need to Take Them?

As an active person, I have often wondered if I should be taking supplements. On occasions I have taken some but I actually never felt any benefit from them. This boils down to the fact that I have always eaten great healthy food types –…

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Pride – The Exercise Killer?

Pride has the potential to destroy us all! In our teens and twenties, we are invincible. How many of you can recall the numerous “stupid” things we did without thinking? In our youth we were saved by the fact that our muscles and tendons strengthened…

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Should I Do Cardio First or Weight Training?

I often hear this question bouncing around from PT to PT in the fitness industry. It is a good question, but ultimately the answer lies in what the client’s goal is. Many personal trainers think that performing strength training before cardiovascular exercise will augment the…

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Hypertrophy – Will I Get Big if I Weight Train?

Hypertrophy really depends on three basic factors: 1. Genetics 2. Gender 3. Training intensity Genetics is mostly manifested as muscle fibre type – people with predominantly fast twitch fibres manage to build bigger muscles more easily than people with slow twitch fibres. In relation to…

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What’s The Best Way to Lose Fat?

The simple (and complex) answer is that there is no “best way” to lose fat. Everyone will respond differently to a training program – in reality everyone would have a different program (hopefully) designed to suit them and their needs. But even a generic program…

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